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You are awesome!


We are excited to help you fight COVID-19 with your vaccination.

Here are some important items to note. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING HERE.
  • PLEASE DO NOT COME EARLY.  It will help everyone if you come no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. We love you but we we don't want to see you until 5 minutes before your appointment time at the earliest!

  • There are MANY people that would love to get this vaccine. If you miss or cancel your appointment we reserve the right to not allow you to book with us again in the future. As you know vaccines are in short supply.

  • Wear a T-Shirt if at all possible. We’re giving you an immunization, so at the very least plan on easy access to your upper arm (deltoid muscle).

  • PREPARE TO CELEBRATE that we are one person closer to ending the pandemic.  Hey...THAT'S YOU!!!

  • To help celebrate - we want to help you boost your immune system with a special offer below...Our Immune Support packs are normally $30 but since you are obviously proactive - we want to help you out. Get your Immune Support pack at your vaccine appointment and save $5! You can read about it below...

Do you want to support your immune system?

Six supplements specially designed to support your immune system, pre-packaged with date & time just for you!  All for about $1/day!

  • In easy to use medication pouches

  • Easy to take "on-the-go"

  • Easy for those that "forget" to take their medications


  • Zinc - 50 mg

  • Vitamin C - 500 mg

  • Elderberry - 1150 mg

  • Probiotic Blend

  • Melatonin - 10 mg

  • Vitamin D - 2000 IU (50mcg)


  • Save $5 per month!

  • Cancel anytime!!

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