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Digital Access to Learn About Your Prescriptions 

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Meds On Cue

Waveland Pharmacy is pleased to offer MedsOnCue with digital access to prescription information.

Why digital?  Let's face it, not many people read the pages of documents that pharmacies are required to include with prescriptions.  Now there's a better way.

MedsOnCue provides:

  • Patient education sheets

  • Medication guides

  • A short video about the prescription

  • High resolution image of the medication

  • And contact information of our pharmacy in case you have any questions


And it's easy!  Just take a picture of the QR code on your prescription's label and it'll pull up all the information.

So you have your choice, paper documentation or digital access; let us know what's best for you!

Call Waveland Pharmacy at 228-463-1055 with any questions.

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