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Single-use, prepacked
prescription dosages 


Ever wish you had an easier way to manage the way you take medications?  


At Waveland Pharmacy, we understand how you feel.  That is why we are excited to offer PackMed™, an innovative, safe and easy way to manage your prescriptions so you can stay healthier and more active!

We utilize PackMed™ to prepackage your prescriptions and label them by day and time to be taken.  Instead of having to open each pill bottle for everytime your have to take your prescription, or dealing with clumsy pill containers, we do the work.  Single-use, prepacked prescription dosages made just for you!

Talk About Convenience!
  • Doses of medication prepackaged by time of day

  • Fewer trips to pharmacy

  • Never worry about running out of medication

  • No need to call in refills

  • Convenient reminder system

  • Free delivery across the Coast

  • Created just for you!

How PackMed™ Works
1. Synchronize Your Refills

Bring in your prescriptions, and we'll set you up to have them filled the same day each month.

2.  Pick Up Your Box or Let Us Deliver it to Your Home!

We'll give you a box that holds a strip of medication packages with your month's prescriptions, arranged by date and time of day.  When it's time to take your medications, simply tear off the next package, confirm printed date/time, and take your medication.  You'll never have to worry about a missed dose!

3. We'll Do the Rest

Before your next order, we'll check with you to confirm any medication changes and that you're on schedule with your doses.  When needed, we'll call your doctor for refills and work with your insurance company to make life easier for you!

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