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Nitric Oxide Testing & Supplements

Nitric Oxide is an essential molecule.  Everyone makes Nitric Oxide naturally in their body but as we age these levels decline.


Without changes to diet or supplementation you quickly become nitric oxide deficient, and nitric oxide is critical in some of the following ways:

  • Cognitive Function

  • Blood Pressure

  • Sexual Performance

  • Energy Levels

  • Gastrointestinal Health

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

Why should you care about improving circulation with Nitric Oxide?

The truth is…it’s nearly impossible to maintain cardiovascular health without enough Nitric Oxide (NO). The good news is that NO is naturally made in your body, but the bad news is that as you age you produce less and less.

There are several things we can do to help boost NO production – like regular exercise and avoiding stress – but the most effective of these is increasing the amount of dietary nitrates you get in your diet.

Where do you get dietary nitrates? Some great sources include spinach, beets, arugula and kale. We understand that having leafy greens in 2-3 meals a day is not for everyone but what if there was a daily supplement that could provide the equivalent of 5ozs of spinach or 7ozs of beets in each dose and maintain your nitric oxide levels for a full day?

Come by and learn about Berkeley Life Professional Nitric Oxide Support supplements and get your levels tested for free!


Want to Test Your Nitric Oxide Levels?

Waveland Pharmacy is offering to have your Nitric Oxide levels checked for free!  

Optimal Nitric Oxide is critical in addressing a host of medical conditions including blood pressure concerns, poor sexual performance, cognitive decline and low energy levels.


In addition to this, there are several common habits that may be negatively impacting your nitric oxide levels every day:

  • Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash: a healthy oral microbiome is vital in maintaining nitric oxide levels. Regular mouthwash use can impact this.

  • Poor Diet: Eating a highly inflammatory diet (fried or sugary foods) can cause your nitric oxide levels to decline.

  • Lack of Exercise: A sedentary lifestyle can also impact your ability to produce Nitric Oxide.  However, by being active for just 30 minutes a day, result can be improved.


If you are concerned about any of the above or would like to learn more about your Nitric Oxide levels, visit us today. For a limited time, we are offering non-invasive Nitric Oxide tests to all patients.

We also offer supplements and test strips so that you can check you levels at home.  


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